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Veda Ela

Over Veda Ela


A workshop on Yang & Yin/Restorative Yoga with International yoga teacher Veda Ela (www.vedaelayoga.com)


“We are movement … And in our center we rest in the stillness of Being”. Veda Ela


This is an opportunity to taste the style of international yoga teacher Veda Ela.


In this workshop we play with the balance between:

Yin (female) and Yang (male), as yoga styles.

Yang style practices are stimulating and toning.

Yin practices are restorative and soothing


We will include:

*Yang Yoga style to ground and flow,

*Yin Yoga to slow down and stretch deep tissue,

*Restorative Yoga to rest and relax,


  • Yoga Nidra (yogic dream),
  • Meditation


The purpose is:

–  to connect with the body, switching off the mind

–  to release old patterns in the body, mind and breath

–  to learn letting go, bringing the focus into the present moment

–  to unblock energetic channels so the Chi (Life Force) can flow freely

–  to release physical and energetic toxins

  • to learn & practice the art of relaxation
  • to incorporate meditation into the yoga practice and in daily life



Vinyasa Flow, dance and Conscious Movement that will take you on a journey into the liquid freedom of your own body as it meets the structure of yoga asana. Beauty, grace as well as calorie burning are the main characteristics of this work.


Designed for practitioners of Yoga flow, dancers and all of those who enjoy creative movements in the Yoga practice.



Restorative/Yin Yoga is the polar opposite to the dynamic flowing yoga practice (“yang” style) and a complement to them. Restorative yoga practice involve the use of ”props” like pillows,

bolsters, blankets and some other supports to make the physical body comfortable on the poses. The breath is the main tool to work in areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress.


Quietening of the mind is the supreme focus of this work, moving toward deep relaxation and a meditative state.


Restorative Yoga is for everybody and highly recommended for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, muscular injuries and weigh issues. It is also for yoga practitioners, beginners to advanced, who need to rest from a demanding yoga practice.

International Yoga Teacher Veda Ela (www.vedaelayoga.com) is passionate about sharing her path of the yogic lifestyle.She has over 25 years of experience in supporting people getting in touch with their body-mind system to find more clarity and joy in their lives.

Using the tools of yoga asana practice, Meditation, Pranayama, Conscious Movement, Dance, Self-enquiry and Therapy, she guides people to get in touch with themselves, finding out about their dreams and mission in life to get them aligned and make them come true!

For more info about Veda Ela’s work, please visit www.vedaelayoga.com